Elev8 Cervical Collar

Our cervical collar is designed with 12 height adjustments for the stability and comfort patients deserve after a neck injury.

Most Versatile Cervical Collar in the Industry

Our unique design is build for stability without having any pain points throughout the collars design. Easy to place around the neck with adjustable settings using straps, adjustable knob and pads. A true feeling a comfort and stability.

Stability and comfort for a better
patient experience.

How it Works

1. Undo Velcro

Undo velcro on one side of the collar.

2. Place on Neck

Place front between chin and neck, Secure back around neck and velcro.

3. Adjust height

Adjust height settings with front lever.


No Pressure Points

Designed to have no unnecessary pressure points that cause discomfort or pain.

Ergonomic Design

One of a kind ergonomic design that securely fits around the neck, chin and back of head.

12 Height Adjustments

Industry leading 12 height adjustments for increase control and comfort.

Stability Control

Increased stability with head and neck with added plush cushioning.

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Elev8 Cervical Collar

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