Shoulder Arm Sling

Designed to keep your arm against your body and prevent you from moving arm or shoulder.

Industry Leading Comfort and Care

If you have suffered an injury to your elbow, shoulder or wrist a shoulder arm sling can be used to help prevent movement in you arm and shoulder. Added comfort with plush material and compression ball are all designed to help with stability and recovery.

Decrease movement for an increased
shoulder recovery.

How it Works

1. Undo Clip

Undo clip on the arm sling.

2. Place Arm

Place arm in sling with elbow towards the back.

3. Fasten & Tighten

Strap around waist, fasten and tighten straps for comfort.


Dual Strap

Sling is provided with two straps for over the shoulder and around the waist for added comfort.


Designed for the best comfort and feel with no pressure or pain points.


Resting pillow for added comfort and stability.

Compression ball

Added compression ball for stability and recovery.

Get our Shoulder Sling

Shoulder Arm Sling

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